The Top 7 Camping Spots In The World

Published on 08/05/2019

Camping is a great way to experience the outdoors with friends and to get some much-needed solace. Take a deep breath in and enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds you. People travel all over the world to experience camping at its best. After doing some research, we’ve compiled a list of the seven best spots around the world for camping…pack your tents and flashlights, we’re going camping!

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The Top 7 Camping Spots In The World

Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its beautiful landscapes, talk about picturesque! Many travelers visit the faraway country land for its natural scenery. Mount Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand, making it a major stop for tourists and die-hard campers. Get your high-def cameras ready, the sites will be one for the books!

Devon, England

When we think of England, we often think of the bustling city of London. Low and behold, England is full of beautiful camping spots! Southwest England will give visitors the feeling as though they are in a land far far away from the noisy cities. The Dartmoor and Exmoor are perfect camping spots…prepare for unbeatable views of the dazzling cliffs. A summer sunset and some smores sounds like a perfect evening to us.

Loch Lomond & The Trossachs, Scotland

Scotland’s Trossachs is an unbelievable national park, best known for the breathtaking valleys, peaks and ridges. There’s something for everyone with varying accommodations from caravan parks to remote wild camping areas. The park has it’s own Twitter page so be sure to stay updated!

The Alps, France

You may associate France with the amazing Alps in the wintertime, but come spring and summer, they transform into a natural haven for hikers and campers alike. The quaint villages and alpine air are what really draw people…oh, and the views!

Hossa National Park, Finland

Finland’s newest national park is donned Hossa National Park. In the northeastern part of the country, the natural reserve boasts spruce forests, rivers, lakes and a whole lot of beauty. Campers can choose between rustic cabins or wide open grounds. Don’t worry, spots for campfires exist all over the place!

Skåne, Sweden

In the southern most part of Sweden you’ll find Skåne. The countryside and coastline offer utmost tranquility. Campers can choose between lakes, beaches and forests…or visit all 3! You’ll be happy to know that in Scandinavia, wild camping is encouraged under Allemansrätt, also known as the “right to roam”. Trek on!

Zion National Park, Utah, USA

As you may know, the U.S. boasts many spectacular nature reserves. Utah’s Zion National Park has been ranked as one of the best in the Southwest Region. Get ready to embark on forested canyons, red sandstone cliffs and rugged plateaus. The established campgrounds are Watchmen and South, but for those seeking extreme isolation, overnight permits are available for wilderness campsites within the park.

Wherever you and your clan may end up, be sure to bring with you the necessary supplies and a wide-open mind! Happy camping!