The 20 Weirdest Places To Visit On Earth

Published on 02/16/2020

We’ve all heard of the popular destinations like NYC, London, Paris, Hong Kong, but how about the unusual places not many people talk about? If you’re an adventure-seeker and looking for a secret gem location, we’ve got you covered. These off-the-beaten-path locations are worth visiting, both for their uniqueness and their pure beauty.

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The 20 Weirdest Places To Visit On Earth

Below is the long-awaited list of the 20 weirdest places on earth to visit. Each destination is accompanied by a short sentence to describe it.

1. Spotted Lake– British Columbia, Canada: Sacred lake on native land

2. The Giant’s Causeway– Northern Ireland: Volcanic eruption created by a giant

3. Thor’s Well– Oregon, USA: When the surf and a sinkhole meet

4. Pamukkale– Turkey: Thermal pools at the Cotton Palace

5. Lake Hillier– Western Australia: A pink lake

6. Badab-e-Surt– Iran: Bright red travertine terraces

7. The Tianzi Mountains– China: Limestone pinnacles covered in mist

8. The Nasca Lines– Peru: Animal figures only visible from the sky

9. The Bermuda Triangle– North Atlantic Ocean: Mysterious waters between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico

10. Socotra Island– Yemen: Unique wildlife that exists only on this remote African island

11. The Hand in the Desert– Chile: Sculpture in the middle of Chile’s Atacama desert

12. Chocolate Hills of Bohol Island– The Philippines: Over 1,700 brown hills in the middle of the island

13. Red Beach– Panjin, China: A beach covered in red seaweed

14. Plain of Jars– Laos: Old jars used to make rice

15. Goblin Valley State Park– Utah, USA: Uninhabitated valley eroded by wind and water

16. Whale Bone Alley– Siberia: Whalebones stand horizontal in the remote Yttygran Island

17. Glass Beach– California, USA: Sea glass created by pollution and waves

18. The Catacombs– Paris, France: Skulls and bones of 6 million Parisians in quarry tunnels

19. Fly Geyser– Nevada, USA: A scalding fountain in bright reds and greens

20. Cat Island– Japan: An island where cats outnumber people